Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular phrase in the marketing industry, but do you really know what it is and why it’s so important? Basically, SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible on search engines – think Google, Bing, etc. The more often you show up for the products and services you offer, AND the higher you appear on the search engines, the more likely your target customers will click through to your website. This allows your website to attract more visitors and more opportunities to convert prospects to customers.


Continue reading to learn more about SEO for small business and how to”optimize” it to your benefit. 


SEO uses a few different techniques to determine what is prioritized. Keywords are one of the top ways to get your website seen. Keywords are words and phrases that online users type in to find content. Keywords must be well-researched, carefully chosen and used correctly to be effective. When crafting your keyword, use a combination of words with high search rates and low competition to create the perfect keyword phrase. 

PRO TIP: Use a combination of these keywords for your keyphrase.

Types of Keywords

Short-tail keywords: 1-3 words and covers a broad topic (such as cat)

Long-tail keywords: More specific and ‘less popular terms (such as domestic long hair cat)

Local keywords: The area in which you are located (such as domestic long hair cat in Wilmington, NC)


Content is what will bring new consumers to your website. This could be blogs, videos, landing pages, and more. By posting informational, educational, and engaging content, you not only create opportunities to rank on search engines but you also build trust and provide value for your prospective customers. When they’re ready to make a purchase in your industry, they will have you in mind. 

Local SEO

Search engines are becoming more and more used on mobile devices. Likewise, many of these searches relate to local intent. For example, when you’re thinking about eating out for dinner, you may Google ‘restaurants in my area’ and be brought to a page with a ton of options. The business with the best SEO will be at the top of that page. By using local SEO practices, such as claiming directory listings and creating pages for your business on Google and Apple maps you will boost your business. 

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