Unleash Your Brand’s Full Potential with Our Strategic Marketing Campaign Package!

Grow Your Brand, Maximize Engagement, and Increase Conversions

with Our Proven Quarterly Campaign Strategy.


If you’re like a lot of business owners we talk to, you want clear, strategic marketing campaigns, but you don’t know where to start or simply don’t have the time to make it happen.

You know your business goals, but you necessarily know how to connect them to your marketing strategy… or, maybe you don’t really have marketing strategy… or, maybe you just don’t have the time – you are busy running a business, by the way!

Just imagine next quarter with…

✅ Clarity

Know your marketing goals and strategy. Have a clear message and plan to reach and convert your audience.

📈 Momentum 

Reach new prospects and nuture and convert leads with a strategic marketing plan.

🎉 Some Fun

Running a business should be fun! We believe a clear and creative marketing plan will allow you to enjoy your business again.

Here’s what we’ve found…

Over the past decade of working with both small businesses and large corporations, we found clients often need two things when it comes to marketing: Consistency and Conciseness. 

We’ve helped our clients hone in on their most important business objective and build marketing campaigns around it.

While concise and consistent is the name of the game, creative content is where we really thrive! 

We aren’t afraid to respectfully push the envelop to give our clients a creative advantage.

Introducing the

Kickstart Quarterly Campaign Program

A comprehensive quarterly marketing campaign designed to maximize your business’s reach and conversions – that’s ready to launch in just 30 days.

With our Quarterly Campaign Program, you get:

Campaign Strategy

Our team will turn your specific business goal into brilliant campaign strategy and messaging. 

Video Production

Wanna standout as a brand? We’ll craft the story to make your campaign memorable to your audience.

Reach + Engagement

We’ll then take that video and leverage social media to its fullest potential to reach your audience.

Nurture + Convert

We’ll craft persuasive and personalized emails to drive conversions and nurture customer relationships.

How it Works:

We start with a Strategy Session to chat about all the things – your business goals, marketing strategy, messaging, and more.

We work with you to identify the core messaging and/or service you want to focus on for the campaign.

From there, our team develops the concepts, strategy, messaging, and deliverables.

Then, We Create  the “Themed” Campaign, including:

A fully produced video ad + 3 additional 10-15 second video edits for social media and ads

8 organic social media posts

5 marketing emails with automations

Facebook ad campaigns + management

Essentially, we plan, create, and manage your quarterly marketing campaign.

It goes something like this…

Mess Hall logo design by kickstart collective

Mess Hall

Tots 4 Life Campaign

When Mess Hall needed a summer themed campaign, we worked up the concept of spoofing the Outerbanks tv show trailer – it’s tots vs. french fries. With the video as the cornerstone of the campaign, we incorporated a Tots 4 Life social media giveaway, Facebooks Ads, and email campaign to drive engagement and ultimately customers coming in for burgers and tots.

Ruff Draft

Birthday Campaign

What do dog owners love more than celebrating their dog’s birthday? Inviting their friends to celebrate, too. With this as the theme, we created the “birthday party” video. The video was used on social media and as a Facebook Ad to capture dog owners’ email addresses and the dog’s birthday, so they can receive an automated email for a free doggy beer during their dog’s birthday month.

Mess Hall logo design by kickstart collective

How does going into next quarter with a creative, clear, and strategic marketing plan sound?

It’s sounds fun to us! We’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Quarterly Campaign Details


This is a 3 month commitment. Month 1 is dedicated to planning, filming, and creating the assets. Months 2 + 3 are launching and managing the campaign.


We handle essentially everything to make this as easy as possible for you, but we still need to know your business goals, have your input and have access to certain platforms – like social media and your email marketing platform.


Cost: $3,850 (+ your Facebook ad budget)

P.S. We are only taking 4 clients per quarter for this program!

To make sure our team has the creative bandwidth to make your campaign successful, we are only taking 4 new clients for this program per quarter. If you’re ready to have some fun and a strategic marketing plan next quarter, get in touch with us today!

Is this right for your business?

Clear, concise, and consistent marketing campaigns are right for every business, but… 

This program might not be a great fit for businesses who:


Don’t have their branding/logo and website done, but we can help with that!


Don’t like moving fast. The benefit of this program is we are up and running after 1 month. 


Need to outsource all of their marketing. We do that, but it’s just not this program. 

This program is a great fit specifically for businesses that:


Need a specific campaign but don’t necessarily need a long-term retainer


Want to increase brand awareness and engagement


Have a little brand personality we can tap into


Care about their marketing, but don’t mind trusting our creative and strategic judgements


Have somone in charge of marketing decisions that we can collaborate with to create this campaign

Let’s Have Some (Strategic) Fun 🎉

Grow Your Brand, Maximize Engagement, and Increase Conversions with Our Proven Quarterly Campaign Strategy.

Program FAQs

Can I start the program mid-quarter?

Yes! As long as we haven’t filled the 5 spots for that quarter, you are welcome to join any month.

Do I have to be in Wilmington to do this program?

Nope! We work with clients across the country. However, if you are outside the greater Wilmington area and/or overnight travel is required, they may be additional travel fees.

What is the Facebook Ad budget?

The Facebook ad budget is the money paid directly the Meta (Facebook) for the ad placement. We recommend a minimum of $50/month, but depending on your business, goals, and audience, the recommended budget may be more.

What if the campaign doesn't generate results?

While we can’t guarentee the same results for every business, we have successfully used this strategy for a variety of businesses. Our guarentee is that we will keep testing and optimzing the campaigns to make it as succesful as possible.

There are things out of our control like your estabilished branding and website that can impact success. However, if we think there is a legitimate reason why this program would not work for you, we will be upfront about it. There’s no reason or benefit for us to do something that we don’t think will work for you. 🙂

If you need help with other pieces of your marketing, we offer all sorts of other services that could be a better fit.

What if I want to do this program, but I want additional services?

We offer add-ons for this program – like graphic design for pdf-style lead captures, merch, and website graphics; as well as photography and in-studio video content. If the additional services are related to the campaign, we can likely add it on. If it is not related to the campaign – like SEO services, on-going Google Ads Management, or blogging, we are more than happy to talk about those services as a separate contract.

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