Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great assets to marketing your brand for little to no cost. However, if you’re not posting quality content, you won’t find success on these platforms. Since these platforms are such an accessible way to market, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. So what makes a brand gain followers, likes, and loyalty? The quality of their content. Here are some tips on how to create quality content to boost your brand! 

Types of Content 

Think about why you follow the accounts you do. It’s likely because they’re providing you with valuable content. This may look like sharing an infographic or posting inspiring photos. When running a business, it’s tempting to only post photos that show off how awesome your product is. However, your followers don’t want to feel like they’re constantly being marketed to, so you need to mix in a variety of other content. This content should be informative or entertaining. Likewise, your caption is another great place to engage with your followers. Putting a question in your caption box promotes your followers to respond and feel closer with your brand. Don’t take yourself too seriously, some light humor can go a long way.  Not only is the type of content you post important, but having incredible photos is also essential to creating quality content. 

Take High Quality Photos 

Many social media platforms prioritize photos, so taking a high quality photo is essential. As phone cameras continue to improve, taking incredible photos doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And a little extra work when taking the photo can take your social media page to the next level. 

Photography Tips 

Before taking your photo, prepare your background. You don’t want a background that has too much going on as it will distract from your subject. Once your background is set, clean your camera lens. If no natural light is available, use a ring light. Position your phone horizontally as it is easier to crop horizontal photos to fit platforms. Never zoom in on photos because it may cause pictures to appear blurry. Before you press the shutter button, click on your subject so the camera focuses on them. Now that you’ve got the hang of things, shoot from a few different angles. Throw in a few candid poses as well. Finally, your photoshoot is done. But that doesn’t mean your photos are ready to post. Use an editing app to finalize the finishing touches. 

Let us Help 

The combination of a great photo and an inspiring caption is a sure way to boost your brand. If you’re struggling to create quality content , contact us. That’s what we’re here for! 

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