What is a customer journey?

And, why is it important to your business?


This week on Kickstart Your Week we’re going over the basics of a customer journey. To some customer journeys and customer journey mapping (we’ll talk more about that next week), is simple. To others, it can seem daunting. And, the truth is, customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex because there are so many ways for customers to engage with you these days. Throw in the new challenges of COVID, and you can no longer ignore your customer journey. 

Every touchpoint a customer has with your brand – from social media to your website to customer services to in-person – is part of their customer journey and impacts if/when they convert and how loyal they become to your brand. 


The customer journey is the entire process of a customer’s interactions with the brand, from the first moment of contact until the customer leaves. It starts with the awareness phase, where the customer learns about the brand and starts engaging. The customer will then further investigate the brand and make purchases. The customer journey only ends if the customer stops engaging with the brand completely. definition via Adobe

Watch: An Overview of a Customer Journey

Stages of a Customer Journey

1. Awareness

2. Consideration

3. Purchase

4. Experience

5. Loyalty

6. Advocacy

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