3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Business Profile

Many small businesses have realized the power of social media – especially Instagram – for connecting with and converting customers. You may have your daily posting and hashtags down to a science, which is so important. BUT when was the last time you looked at your Instagram profile page?

Think about it… what’s your ultimate goal when posting on Instagram? A double tap or for someone to visit your website and/or contact you? Tbh… I’d rather you visit this page right here on our website than just get a “like” on the ‘gram. To make that happen, my Instagram Profile needs to be just as good as the little square I posted.

So, how do you get someone to go from scrolling through their Instagram feed to converting on your website? Let’s talk Customer Journey.

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Customer Journey: The customer journey is the entire process of a customer’s interactions with the brand, from the first moment of contact until the customer leaves. It starts with the awareness phase, where the customer learns about the brand and starts engaging. The customer will then further investigate the brand and make purchases. The customer journey only ends if the customer stops engaging with the brand completely. definition via Adobe

Instagram for Business Tips

When you think about your customer journey specific to Instagram, you can breakdown to 4 simple steps.

The first interaction is likely going to be a post. They might have found it via a hashtag, a share, or a tag. Since your post is visually pleasing and the copy is engaging, this person double taps the post to like it or they might leave a comment.

They engaged! If they’re interested in your company, they’re going to visit your profile. This is where the magic needs to happen! They are either going to 1. follow you or tap the link in your bio OR 2. they’re going to leave without engaging any further… scroll down and watch the video to make sure option 2 doesn’t happen.

You followed the tips below to make sure you get the most out of your Instagram Business Profile (yay)! So, you got a new follower and they clicked the link in your bio to visit your website.

Your website is beautifully designed and incredibly user friendly, so your new Instagram follower is checking out your website. They love what your selling and they convert. You celebrate a successful customer journey from Instagram to a website conversion.

It’s that simple! Your goal for this week is to make sure you get the most out of Instagram Profile, so your audience can convert into customers.

In this week’s Kickstart Your Week, we walk you through 3 ways to get the most out of your Instagram Business Profile.

So, let’s take a few minutes and make sure your Instagram Business Profile is working for you!

Instagram for Business Resources

Canva – Templates for Instagram Story Highlight Covers (no design experience needed!)

Linktr.ee – One “link in bio” link that lets you link to all your content 

Buffer Shop Grid – Connect your “link in bio” to multiple URLs viewed on a shoppable page

Instagram for Business – Setting up Instagram for your Business for the first time? Instagram will walk you through it. Or we can do it for you!

Instagram Business Profile Tips
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