Branding can sometimes make or break a business. Think about it, how many times have you bought something at the grocery store or at Target because you like the label? The appearance and flow of your businesses branding plays a larger role in your success than you might think.

What is Branding?

According to Oxford Languages, the definition of branding is ”the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.” Essentially, it is the way you present your business to an audience and the ways in which you market it. Many people initially think of a logo as branding, but it goes even farther than that. Branding can include a logo, logo usage/application guidelines, colors, fonts, tone guidelines for messaging, social media graphics, social media strategies and content guidelines. 

The key to branding is CONSISTENCY, more on that later.

Why It is Important

Ultimately, good branding helps create loyal customers. Branding helps you to become relatable and personable to your audience and appeal to their emotions. It sets apart your business from others and makes it recognizable for others. It’s always important to stand out from the competition and make the choice easy for your customers- you’re the one they want! 

How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Branding

Step one to good branding is hiring someone experienced that you trust to get you set up for success. Find a graphic designer that has experience in the branding and marketing world that will be able to give you guidance for creating something that really represents your business. 

Second, go into it with the idea of creating something timeless. You don’t want to have to update your branding every other year. So, work with your designer to come up with ideas that will last for a while!

Last, make sure your branding is consistent across any and all platforms you have. Your website, social media pages, products, marketing/promotional materials, signage and ads need to all follow your brand guidelines. This will help people to recognize you better and build a relationship with your brand. For example, your website should have your brand colors and fonts. You should use your logo and your slogan (or branded messaging) on your social media profile. Any ads you run should reflect your brand’s messaging and content guidelines. 

If you are just starting a new business or looking for a refresh, give us a call. We are passionate about creating meaningful brands that help small businesses get set up for success! From concept brainstorming, to designing, to implementing the branding, we are here to help you! 

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