User generated content is extremely important for small businesses! User generated content (UGC) is anything that is created by people and not the brand. Whether it’s videos, images, reviews, or text, if it’s created by someone outside your company then it’s UGC. Continue reading to learn more about user generated content and how to use it to better your marketing! 

Why is UGC important?

You likely already know that word of mouth is one of the best and most effective ways someone hears about your business. UGC is a form of word of mouth marketing. When hearing about a product or service from a ‘real person’ rather than the brand, the information is taken more seriously. Since those sharing about their experience with your brand aren’t being paid to promote it, others trust their authentic opinion. Likewise, it helps grow the community within your brand. It allows customers to be a part of the brand’s growth rather than just being a spectator. UGC acts as authentic proof that your product is worth buying, it is just the push your customer needs to press the ‘purchase’ button. 

How to Use it?

Since user generated content is a great way to increase sales, brand recognition, and loyalty, your brand should be using it to its fullest potential. One way to promote customers to share their experience is by creating and promoting a hashtag for followers to use when they’re repping your brand. Regularly check your tagged photos and the hashtag to find photos of customers wearing your product. Once you find a great photo or review, reshare that content on your page. When resharing others’ content to your page, be sure to ask the original poster for permission to use their content. Encourage customers to share their opinion anywhere they interact with your brand. You can include the call to action in emails, social media bios, on your website, at your physical location, on product packaging, and more.

We Love UGC!

Small businesses heavily rely on word of mouth or UGC to help their business grow. If you need help getting your UGC campaign started, contact us. We can create a marketing strategy to increase UGC and accomplish your brand’s goals! 













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