Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is promoting your products or services in tandem across all your marketing channels. It also means ensuring your brand message is consistent throughout these channels. But how can you use it effectively? Continue reading to find out! 

Why is IMC important?

IMC eliminates disparities and differences your customer may face when interacting with your brand. You don’t want a customer to get one message on Instagram just to see something completely different on Facebook. The consistency helps consumers trust your brand. Likewise, you want to hit your target audience on every platform. Sharing the same message on each guarantees you reach a wider, but similar audience on every channel. It also is beneficial when planning your strategy. Having a steady message means you can spend more time perfecting and executing that message rather than brainstorming new ones. Using IMC in your marketing campaign will save you time while increasing your brand awareness and loyalty. 

How to Establish Your Message?

Every campaign begins with establishing your goal. Without a goal, the whole campaign lacks direction. A few examples of goals include increasing engagement, widening reach, or more sales. Once you’ve decided your main goal, create mini goals for each marketing channel. These ‘mini-goals’ should help accomplish your main goal. Next, define your target audience and create messaging that will entice them. Finally, launch your campaign, measure its success and iterate it. The longer you do this process, the better you will understand what works and what doesn’t. 

Need Some Help?

If you’re struggling to get a grasp on what your messaging should be or who your target audience is, we can help. We are experts in IMC and would love to use it to boost your brand. Contact us today to get started! 








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