Ways to Market your Small Business During the Holiday Season


With the holidays coming up and things getting busier, it can be easy for your marketing to take a back seat. Actually, now your marketing strategy is more important than ever! There are many ways to step up the marketing for your small business this holiday season that can help you drive sales, build relationships and create long-term effects for your business even past the holidays. 

Use these Tips to Help your Business this Winter

Utilize Social Media

This might be an obvious point, but hear us out! Social media is one of the greatest ways to get your business’ name out there during the holidays (and throughout the whole year). One way to step up your social media game this season is to do a giveaway or offer a discount to your followers. This will drive traffic to your social media pages and help you gain followers. You could even partner with another small business to do a joint giveaway. This is a great way to simultaneously get your name out there and build relationships within your community.

Utilize Social Media Ads

Continuing on with social media, utilizing social media ads is also a great way to gain exposure and drive sales. If you have some room in your budget, consider setting up a Facebook Ad to promote your holiday sale. 

Join in on Community Events

Especially in Wilmington, the market scene is huge! If you are a small business that has products that could be sold at a market, these are a great way to also gain exposure, make sales and create relationships within your community. Many coffee shops, breweries and independent creators host markets throughout the holiday season for people to come shop at, check out this calendar of events. 

Create a Customer Database

If you don’t already have an email campaign running, now is a great time to gather emails to start one. You could collect emails with each sale you make to market to after the holiday season. The gift that keeps on giving!

Send Personalized Holiday Cards

Sending personalized holiday cards to your customers/clients is a great way to build meaningful relationships with them and keep business. Whether it’s a Christmas card or a New Years card, you could buy some cards and either mail them out or give them out with each meeting/sale. 

Update your Google Business Listing 

Last but definitely not least, make sure to update your business hours on your Google business listing! This isn’t necessarily a marketing tip, but it is good housekeeping. Make sure your customers or clients know how and when to reach you. 


If you need help with any of these tips, we got you! We would love to sit down and help you create a meaningful social media strategy, set up a Facebook Ad campaign or help you create an email campaign to get the word out about your small business. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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