Toucan Talks Minisode #2

Episode 12: Business Differentiation Strategies: Marketing, Branding and the Impact of AI

Have you ever wondered how to make your business stand out in a crowded market? This minisode by the Kickstart Team with Laura and Alyssa takes you on a journey through the maze of differentiation, exploring branding, web design, Google business listings, and the goldmine potential of email marketing. 

We share insights on how to nurture and engage your subscribers, from building an email list with targeted Facebook ads, to managing campaigns effectively – all while ensuring your content is meaningful and engaging. 

Diving into the cutting-edge realm of AI in writing, we delve into how AI may one day replace copywriters – but for now, it’s crucial to review and edit AI-written copy. We also touch on the power of great copywriting in helping businesses to rise above the competition. 

Of course, we had to pull a question from the “two can” as we play a round of ‘What’s Your Favorite Thing That Comes Out of a Can?’

This quick minisode is full of insights and tips for any businesses looking to differentiate and thrive. Tune in!

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Kickstart Collective is a creative marketing agency based in Wilmington, NC. We offer our clients a creative advantage through creative content and marketing strategies.

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