Print marketing and digital marketing have been pinned against each other for years. They each have their own unique pros that make choosing just one difficult. Here’s what we think of the print vs digital marketing debate…

Print Pros

Print advertising has been around for decades and continues to evolve. It has survived this long for a reason – it works. Studies have proven that print marketing is more trustworthy than digital marketing. Brands securing trust from consumers goes a long way towards the success of their company. Likewise, print advertisements have higher brand recognition. Brand recognition influences consumers’ decision making process as we often want to purchase from familiar brands. Finally, print is everywhere. It’s in your mail, on billboards, and all throughout stores. For digital marketing to be successful, people must be looking down at their device. Print captures your attention multiple times a day! Print marketing has a few of the key elements to a successful campaign, such as trustworthiness, brand recognition, and accessibility. 

Digital Pros

Digital marketing has taken the spotlight these past few years as the pandemic has made print advertising more difficult. While it’s a more recent phenomenon, it’s changed the way we promote and advertise. One of its greatest functions is the ability to target a specific audience ensuring your product finds its way into the right hands. In addition, digital marketing makes tracking and reporting the success of your campaign easier. With this data, you can modify your advertisements so they reach their full potential. Likewise, you can also reach these audiences faster than with traditional print advertisements. Social media has taken digital marketing to the next level. With platforms such as Tik Tok or Twitter, brands can go viral overnight, causing their product to sell out. Like print, digital will continue to develop and be around for many years to come. 

Which is best for you?

Print and digital marketing each have a mass of pros establishing them as the ‘best’ way of marketing. Our advice is to take the best of each and apply them to your marketing strategy. Print marketing builds strong brand connections and trust while digital marketing can find your audience. By utilizing both, your brand has double the odds of success. 

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