Marketing trends come and go, but sometimes giving them up is harder than you might think. However, it’s crucial to stay up to date on the current trends. Marketing is always evolving and you should too. Here’s a few trends to leave in 2022!

Instagram Filters

You may have noticed your Instagram feed looking different than it did a few years ago. While the Instagram of the past consisted of heavily filtered images, today it is focused more on authentic images and captions. People are tired of the edited look at people’s photos and lives. The social media platform has become more authentic to showcase real photos with honest captions. Delete your editing apps and prepare to be real on Instagram. 


Click Bait

Click bait had its moment over the last couple of years, but it’s time for the trend to vanish. Click bait is when you use catchy wording that may or may not be entirely true to get people to click on your post. Similar to Instagram filters, people want authentic content and click baiting your audience will lead to distrust. Give your audience the most relevant information upfront to help establish trust with your audience. Likewise, the algorithm favors this type of content. So, kill two birds with one stone by providing the most important information first.  

Doing It Alone

Running a business involves wearing a lot of hats. Don’t let marketing be on the parts of your business that slips through the cracks. Hiring a professional marketing firm can help accomplish your goals while taking the pressure off you. At Kickstart Collective, we’re fluent in the forever changing marketing trends. If your brand is still using some of these tactics, we can help phase them out to make way for new trends. Contact us today to get started! 













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