LinkedIn is a wonderful professional social network that you can use to market your brand! While some people view LinkedIn as simply a way to find new job opportunities, it’s much more than that. By marketing your business on LinkedIn, you can foster relationships, drive website traffic, improve brand awareness, and share business content. It is a free website with a ton of benefits for some brands. Industries that thrive on LinkedIn are sales, marketing, finance, and healthcare professionals. Like any social network marketing, your marketing strategy will play a huge role in determining the success of your brand on that platform. 

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Blatantly advertising your business or pushing your product on LinkedIn is frowned upon. Therefore, a strategic marketing strategy is essential to ensure your brand succeeds on the platform. When setting up your account, create a company page rather than an individual profile. This will allow users to “follow” your content. Once you’ve got your page set up with a header image, profile picture, and ‘about’ details, you’re ready to start marketing your brand. Here’s some tips to craft the perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy!

  • Share other people’s content. One of the awesome features of LinkedIn is that it allows you to share other people’s posts. This helps you to engage with fellow pages while promoting content that is relevant to your audience. It’s a win-win! 
  • Use relevant and popular hashtags. They’re extremely helpful in reaching new audiences, industries, or niches. Hashtags help guide users to content that suits them. Beware to not use too many; 3-5 hashtags is the sweet spot. 
  • Consistency is key. Strive to make one post per weekday.
  • Balance your long and short form content. To be a thought leader in your industry, you want to have a mix of long stories or ideas to engage your audience while also posting short captions to lighten your content. 
  • Post Images and Videos. Accompanying a post with a photo will increase comment engagement. Likewise, posting YouTube videos will boost your share rate. 
  • Grow your email list. After gaining a new connection, reach out to encourage them to join your email marketing list. Be sure to include what they receive by subscribing. LinkedIn lets you message 50 people at a time this way, so in just a few minutes you can tredemously grow your email list. 
  • Evaluate your Analytics. LinkedIn provides business pages with analytics that detail how well your content performs. After you have posted a variety of content, explore your analytics page to discover what type of content excels. This is the best way to guarantee you’re posting engaging content! 

These tips are sure to help you in your LinkedIn marketing efforts. At Kickstart Collective, we’re experts at LinkedIn marketing and would love to guide you in this journey. Contact us today to get started! 

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