How to Take Professional Product Photos with Your Smartphone

Quality product photos are so important for online retailers. For entrepreneurs just getting started or small business owners who like to do things themselves, taking professional product photos with a smartphone can be challenge.

Whether you’re taking new product photos for your website or building out your social media content, check out this week’s Kickstart Your Week video on how to take professional photos with your smartphone.

In this week’s Kickstart Your Week, we’re sharing a step-by-step guide to taking great product with your phone.

How to Take Product Photos with Your Phone

What You Need:

  • Chair
  • White PosterboardĀ 
  • Tape
  • A window with sunlight
  • Your Product

How to Set Up Your Photoshoot:

1. Place your chair in front of the window.

2. Tape the posterboard to the chair.

3. Postion your product in the center of the chair on the posterboard.

4. Make sure you have even lighting with as few shadows as possible.

5. Grab your phone and put your camera on Portrait Mode.

6. Tap the image of the product on your phone’s screen to make the product the focus point.

7. Take a few photos at different angles.

8. Once you have a few photos you like, you can make edits and adjustments right on your phone.

9. Share your photos!

Now that you know how to take professional product photos, learn how to take improve your marketing videos using your smartphone.

How to Take Professional Product Photos with Your Smartphone

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