New Year, new marketing strategy? Your marketing strategy should be examined from time to time as trends change and the New Year is the perfect time to revamp your marketing strategy. The motivation from New Year’s goals is fresh in your mind to help make those changes happen. Here’s a few tips to create a strong marketing strategy for 2023!

First Things First

The first step is to identify your target audience. You can do this by interviewing your current customers through surveys or conducting market research and creating buyer personas. Knowing who your customers are dictates what kind of marketing strategy you should implement. 

Market Trends

Next, take a look at what marketing strategies are trending. In 2023, videos, influencer marketing, and social media DMs are expected to have the highest return on investment for brands. However, that doesn’t mean other forms of marketing are irrelevant. Other marketing strategies that you can execute include social media marketing, blogs, and Google ads.

Market Plan

Some other factors you should consider when creating your strategy include budget, goal, and marketing platforms. When determining a budget, review your revenue, calculate your average cost per lead, and determine how many leads you need. After you have a budget in mind, think about what the goal of your marketing strategy will be. Whether it is brand awareness or more sales, your end goal affects which platform will be most beneficial for your business. 

Let Us Help

We’re here to help accomplish your 2023 marketing goals! Now is the perfect time to rethink your marketing strategy as we’re donating 10% of all branding projects, including videos, booked in January to This Whole Life Foundation! So, whether it’s updating your brand or launching your business, we’ve got you covered. This Whole Life Foundation provides scholarship funds to help people in our community to receive mental health and wellness services that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. By booking your branding project during January, you’re also helping individuals in our community! Contact us today. 








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