For the first part of our new client spotlight blog series, we are highlighting our client Booty Lab! Booty Lab is an all-women’s gym in Wilmington that focuses on strength training. Booty Lab was created by Rebecca Mcabe, who is the head coach along with the 4 other great coaches in the gym. We have worked with Booty Lab for about 5+ years now and have done just about everything during that time! 


Before Booty Lab was actually “Booty Lab”, it was “Wilmington Performance Lab”, which we worked with as well. Once they decided to make the transition to “Booty Lab”, we worked on rebranding the company to what it is today. This included a new logo, branding guide and website. These branding elements have been used in gym apparel, gym signage, gym equipment, social media posts, website design and video marketing. We wanted to create a timeless logo that represented the company well and could be used for all company assets. 

Social Media

Another large part of the marketing plan for Booty Lab is their organic social media. Social media strategies can change and evolve. Previously, we would do photo content for most posts with a video post in the middle of the week. More recently, we have started to produce more video content including Instagram Reels and TikToks, as video content is becoming increasingly more popular. 

Video Marketing 

We have worked with the ladies at Booty Lab to create a variety of videos for marketing purposes. This includes editing of shorter workout videos to include in blog posts and social media posts, longer branded videos to include on websites and in social media ads, and shorter promotional videos used strictly for social media ads. We created the concepts, filmed, edited and then executed the videos depending on their use. 

Facebook Ads

As mentioned above we have used the video content we created as Facebook Ads to run on both Facebook and Instagram. We also run social media ads that feature gifs, carousels or single images depending on what campaign we are running. The purpose of these ads typically range from special campaign promotion (more below), brand awareness, lead captures, app downloads or gym sign ups. 

Google Ads

In addition to Facebook Ads, we also run and manage google ads for Booty Lab. These include search, display, expanded text  and in stream ads all to help us show up more online when people are searching for fitness related topics. 

Special Campaigns

Most recently, we ran a 3 week campaign to promote Rebecca’s new “On Demand” feature in her fitness app. We started teasing out social media posts about 3 weeks before the release date to create curiosity and interest for her followers. To promote the release on socials, we created a mix of photo posts, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories and TikToks.

We created a landing page for the app release promoting the first workout for free to capture emails. Then, we created an email funnel for all emails captured on that landing page further promoting the app. Additionally, we created an email campaign promoting the new app feature release to send to her email lists. Lastly, we created a blog to stay on the Booty Lab website promoting the app and linking to the email capture landing page. This campaign ran across a variety of channels with various assets, and was a lot of fun to complete! 

If you are a women looking for an awesome fitness community in Wilmington, check out the Booty Lab gym! You can also check out the Booty Lab Fitness app if you want in on the action but aren’t in the Wilmington area. If you would like some similar work done for your business, contact us! We can customize all of our services to fit your needs.

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