Influencer marketing is dominating every social platform. While a few years ago, it was only limited to celebrities and the largest bloggers, it seems anyone can be an influencer nowadays. Influencer marketing is a great way to reach your target audience through someone they already trust. It’s proven to be an incredibly effective way of marketing. These influencers promote products in a way that is organic to their content. While influencer marketing used to consist of magazine worthy photos, now casual photos and limited editing are the way to followers hearts. This transparency of “real life” makes followers feel connected with the influencer. 

Finding an Influencer 

Like any marketing campaign, influencer marketing requires a mass of planning in order to pull off a successful campaign. The first step is finding the right influencer and platform for you. The influencer you choose to partner with should be relevant to your brand. For example, if you are advertising workout clothes, the influencer’s content should revolve around fitness. Find an influencer on the platform that your brand already has a presence on so followers can easily find your brand. Next, you will need to decide what to pay the influencer. Their pay is determined on how many followers they have and their engagement rate. A high engagement rate can compromise for fewer followers. You want to choose an influencer who has a close relationship with their followers. 

Campaign Strategy 

Once you’ve found the perfect influencer for your brand, it’s time to imagine what the campaign will look like. It’s essential for content to appear organic. Discuss with the influencer your campaign goal and the requirements for each post. Give your influencer a few ideas, but ultimately, let them create the content. By giving the influencer creative freedom, content is more likely to appeal to followers. Create deadlines to review content before the official post date. This will give you time to make any changes before content goes live. Once content is approved and posted, you’re ready for the final step. 

Track Progress 

Depending on your goal for the campaign, there are a few ways to track the campaign success. If your goal was to sell products, evaluate the affiliate codes or tracking links your influencer promoted. Likewise, if the objective was gaining more followers or brand awareness, review your platform’s insights. Incorporating hashtags into the campaign is another beneficial way to determine progress.

Consumers are becoming more wary of advertisements and marketing tactics. Influencer marketing is bridging the gap between consumers and brands. By creating trust with followers, followers believe influencers’ recommendations and are excited to try their new favorite product. If you’re ready to change your marketing strategy to include influencer marketing, Kickstart Collective can help. Contact us today to bring your marketing to the next level. 

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