What Businesses Need to Know about the 2020 Facebook Design Updates


Social media sites go through updates quite frequently to improve features and stay up to date with society. This recent Facebook update not only includes your typical updates like user interaction improvements, but it reflects and adapts to real-world changes we have seen over the past couple of months.

Here are some of the recent Facebook design updates that are good to know for businesses. 

Changes to the Facebook Business Profile

It appears that the layout for Facebook Business Pages has gone through a bit of a facelift. The new cover photo and profile picture layout has changed to reflect a more modern look, similar to that of a Twitter profile. This look is a bit cleaner and more put together, allowing businesses to creatively coordinate their profile picture and cover photo.

Navigation Changes

Site navigation is always changing and improving to create an easier user experience. One of the navigation changes in this Facebook update include the business profile menu moving to the left-hand side of the page instead of at the top. Additionally, there is a new about/menu section on the top of the page to allow easier navigation. 

New Features

As mentioned at the beginning, Facebook has created some new features that reflect the real-world changes we have seen due to COVID-19. One of these changes include paid online events. Businesses, creators, educators and publishers can now host virtual events for the public that people can pay to attend. This is helpful for those businesses who are more experience or service based and are not able to host in-person events like they did before covid. Paid online events will give users a way to safely attend new events while providing revenue for small businesses who might have been impacted from shutdowns. 

Additionally, Facebook added new notification options for pages. Users now have the option to customize their notifications from each page to specify what type of content they would like to be notified about. They can filter notifications for content such as posts, videos, live videos and offers.


The new Facebook design updates are expected to be beneficial for small businesses, which might be a sigh of relief for some after the past couple of months.

How do you feel about the new Facebook design updates? 


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2020 Facebook Business Page Updates
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