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Episode 07: Krisiann Moskal of The Digs NC

Krisiann Moskal joins Toucan Talks to talk about short-term rentals in Wilmington, NC. Krisiann and her husband, Morgan, own and operate The Digs NC with two short-term rental properties and one long-term rental property. They plan to keep growing their business through new properties, as well as resources and education for other short-term rental property owners. 

During this episode, Krisiann shares what led them to short-term rentals, opportunities for the next generation of real estate investors, and the systems they use to automate guest interactions. 

If you are interested in learning about short-term rentals, how to get started, or grow your current portfolio, this episode is for you!

Join Krisiann and Laura as they talk about the short-term rental business, marketing, and what their “spirit food item” would be. You never know where the conversation will lead on Toucan Talks.

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Learn more about The Digs NC at:

The Digs NC Website 

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