Episode 25 – Minisode:

Breaking Down This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

Join us as we breakdown some of our favorite Super Bowl ads from this year. This episode pulls back the curtain on big-brand maneuvers, revealing how they can be scaled for small and medium-sized businesses. From the importance of generating pre-launch buzz to the clever use of witty humor, this episode can help you with creating content that’s not just seen but felt. We dive deep into some of the common themes from this year’s big game, covering everything from big celebrities to dark humor and nostalgia.

We analyze how brands can create memorable moments with giveaways and how these initiatives can evoke a wide range of reactions. Whether you’re crafting your first campaign or looking to refine your approach, we hope these breakdowns give your marketing efforts that championship edge.

Didn’t see one of the Super Bowl ads we talked about? Check out these links to watch along:

Michael Cerave

Paramount + “Football Shaped Head”

DoorDash Promo Code

Can’t B Broken “Beyonce”

Game Time Glow “Cetaphil”

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Forget “Uber Eats” 

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