Episode 18:

Brittany Fountain from Britt Joy & Co

Who wouldn’t want to illuminate the blind spots in their business? Brittany Fountain from Britt Joy & Co joins us to share her unique approach to growth and culture strategy. She has applied her human-focused strategy to collaborate with companies ranging from those with 50 employees to Fortune 300 giants. But this isn’t just about human resources. It’s about fostering continuity, trust, and alignment within your company through the careful use of language.

Brittany isn’t your average corporate strategist. She delves into the customer experience, so that she can help businesses build a culture of alignment. But as simple as it sounds, many businesses struggle with communication breakdowns. Brittany shares her insight into how using someone’s name can create a ripple effect across the company.

We hope you enjoy this episode and learn a lot from our wonderful guest!

Connect with Brittany Fountain for any growth and strategy needs for your business!

Phone: 910-408-2345


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