Episode 17:

Bill Simpson from Refined Renovations

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to reinvent yourself in your sixties and thrive? Our guest, Bill Simpson, did just that, and he’s here to share his inspiring journey.

From engineering to ministry, Bill’s career path is unique. Now, he’s the proud owner of Refined Renovations, a company that specializes in crafting custom, low-maintenance showers! Bill’s showers aren’t just ordinary. They are a blend of innovative design and practicality. He uses acrylic bases with PVC shiplap walls, adding frameless doors, rain heads, and niches based on personal preference. These showers are not only beautiful, but cater to a variety of customers, including those with handicaps. We’re not stopping there. Bill not only tells us about his business, but he also provides some valuable pearls of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Drawing on his own experience of starting a business during the COVID era, he emphasizes the importance of learning from others, networking, and sharing best practices. We also explore his 19 different professions he has had over the years. You don’t want to miss this one!

Connect with Bill Simpson for all your shower renovation needs!

Phone: 910-899-0719


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