Episode 15:

Rob Warwick from Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage talks Residential Real Estate

We talked with Rob Warwick, a seasoned real estate broker in the Wilmington area. Rob shares everything from teamwork dynamics to neighborhood development. Be prepared for some candid insights into his challenging encounters – water damage, contract complications, and the ever-present inventory issues.

But we don’t stop at personal anecdotes and real estate intricacies. We took a deep dive into the profound impact that the real estate industry has on Wilmington’s business community. As the city experiences an influx of new residents, how is it affecting local businesses and infrastructure? Rob provides perspective on the potential growth and opportunities for local businesses and the urgent need for infrastructure expansion. The discussion goes beyond just business and delves into Rob’s vision for the city’s future.

So, put your headphones on and join us on this enlightening journey with Rob Warwick, because sometimes, learning can be just as fun as a good prank call!

Connect with Rob Warwick for all your real estate needs:

Phone: 910-233-8888

Rob Warwick: robwarwick.com

Coldwell Banker

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