Episode 14:

Nico Nino from Maven Coffee Talks About the World of Specialty Coffee and Business Entrepreneurship

Have you ever wondered why coffee from your local barista tastes so much better than what you get from large chain coffee shops? Explore the exciting world of specialty coffee with Nico Nino, the driving force behind Maven Coffee. Learn what goes into sourcing specialty coffee and creating a coffee business that doesn’t follow the traditional coffee shop model.

We explore the business side of coffee from growing to sourcing to tasting – and how Maven got featured on BuzzFeed.

Nico doesn’t just talk about Maven Coffee, he also gives us a masterclass in coffee tasting. We’ll learn about retronasal olfaction, a concept that will completely transform your coffee savoring experience.

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your passion into a business, be sure to tune into this episode. 

Find out more about Maven Coffee:

Maven Coffee


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