Episode 11: Mikey Hayes talks  Advantages of Direct Booking Website for Short-Term Rentals

Are you ready to uncover the hidden advantages of direct booking websites for short-term rentals? Wilmington’s very own Mikey Hayes, owner of a duplex in Carolina Beach, joins us to illuminate the path. He shares his personal journey transitioning from traditional platforms to direct booking, revealing how it’s not just about diving into a new venture, but also about dealing with potential market fluctuations.

You might be wondering, how does one maintain control amidst the dynamic world of vacation rentals? Mikey and Luke take the conversation beyond the surface, discussing how they manage their own properties and face challenges ranging from hurricanes to guest complaints. They touch upon the importance of owning your own business, having a diversified portfolio, and even how your personal productivity levels play a crucial role in effective business negotiations.

Ever thought about learning from those who’ve already walked the path you aspire to tread? Mikey shares his experiences meeting locals who’ve achieved his same goals, offering an insider’s perspective on Wilmington, and underscoring the importance of mentorship and networking. He also reveals why he chose direct booking over Airbnb, highlighting cost savings for guests and the potential for longer stays. So, gear up to be enlightened with unique insights on short-term rentals and invaluable advice on navigating the ever-changing rental market.

Learn more about Mikey’s Property, The Sunrise Shack:


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