Episode 10: Kelly Barefoot with ShelfGenie 

Ever felt like you’re drowning in clutter? Our latest podcast guest, Kelly Barefoot, has built a thriving business, ShelfGenie of Coastal Carolinas, out of solving this very problem. As a mom of three and a successful entrepreneur, Kelly’s journey is a testament to the complexity and rewarding nature of entrepreneurship. In this episode, Kelly shares insights about what she’s learned over the past five years of growing her business!

One of the key aspects of Kelly’s business success is her team.  She discusses the role her team plays in her company’s success, highlighting the importance of creating the right culture. A great work environment is the driving force behind her team’s success.

In addition to cultivating a team enviroment, Kelly also shares her approach to sales training. It’s crucial, she notes, for staff to be equipped with the right tools to succeed. Training and development are integral parts of building a successful business, and Kelly ensures her team is well-equipped for the job.

Kelly’s journey within a franchise system also offers valuable insights. Franchising can provide access to invaluable resources, like training staff. The benefits, she notes, have been instrumental in her business success.

The episode delves further into Kelly’s business strategies, revealing her plans for expanding ShelfGenie of Coastal Carolina into the 55+ market segment. A strategic move as the expansion plans to cater to an underserved market.

The episode wraps up with a heartwarming anecdote about her daughter’s belief that her middle name is “Shelf Jeannie”. This rich mix of business insights, practical suggestions, and personal stories makes for a compelling listen. Whether you’re a current entrepreneur or an aspiring one, Kelly’s journey is sure to inspire and educate.

Remember, the entrepreneurial journey is never a straight path. It’s filled with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. But as Kelly’s story shows, with the right mindset, a supportive team, and a solid strategy, success is within reach!

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