Our Team’s Top Ad Picks from the 2024 “Big Game”

2024 Top Ad Picks

The Kickstart Collective Team is sharing their top ad picks from the 2024 “Big Game” – because as marketers that’s the best part of the game (at least according to Laura).


Laura and Alyssa’s Ad Pick

Uber Eats

Why It Works

The celebs, the humor, the fact it’s true – I always forget Uber Eats delivers other things.

They know their target audience, but it’s not too niche. They use celebrities across genres and fan bases. Most people will get the Friends reference, the Spice Girls, and Jelly Roll (but even if they don’t know Jelly Roll, it’s still funny). 

The balance between celebrity humor and everyday people forgetting something is brilliant. You get pop culture and relatable humor.

Ending the spot with Usher saying he hopes he gets to play at a half-time show one day is icing on the cake. It shows this ad was created specifically for “the game,” which we love. 


Luke’s Ad Pick


Why It Works

The script for the ad spot is great! Again, they know their target audience – health-conscious millennials and Gen Z who probably grew up drinking traditional sodas. 

This ad is playful with a vintage-vibe and touches on nostalgia while educating the viewer on Poppi. They’re not preaching a better option for soda, but essentially redefining what soda is. 

With slogan’s like “it’s time to love soda again” and #sodasback, they are striving to change consumers’ minds about a product – while keeping it and fun!


Joshua’s Ad Pick


Why It Works

Paramount+ played it smart and clever. This year’s game was the most-watched television show in history. Paramount+ was one of the streaming services for the game, which equals new subscribers for the 30-day free trial. So how do you keep subscribers who joined just for the game? Show them all the great things they can watch on your streaming service. 

Why do we love this ad? It is part of their larger “A Mountain of Entertainment” ad series. With this spot, they tap into multiple generations and genres with the celebrities and characters. It shows the variety of shows on Paramount+.

Also, let’s be honest – the dark humor of this ad is simply funny. 

Our Overall Review of the Ad Spots

2024 did not disappoint. There was no shortage of celebrity appearances and A-listers at that! The brands that rose to the top, in our opinion, were the ones who were clever with celebrities (like BMW with Christopher Walken).

However, there with brands that didn’t rely on celebrities, but succeeded with humor like Reeses and Toyota.

Throwbacks and nostalgia were a big theme this year with Budweiser bringing back the Clydesdales and the dog and two Flashdance references.

Head over to our Instagram post to let us know you’re favorite ad!


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