Many business owners and entrepreneurs today are VERY aware of the role social media plays in marketing strategy. From Instagram Reels to TikToks to Facebook ads, the opportunities can feel limitless. But, there’s one marketing channel that’s – how do we say it… less flashly,¬†that many people overlook.


That channel is email!


Before you even ask… No, email marketing is not dead. Not even close! Not sure you agree?! Let’s take a deeper look.

2023 Email Marketing Stats

ROI of Email Marketing

Let’s start with the most important metric: ROI. Email marketing, on average, has a Return of Investment of $36 for every dollar spent. Spend $1 to make $36… yes please!

Open Rates

Open Rates for marketing emails is between 15-25%. The average open rates will vary based on the industry. Things like the quality of your email list and subject lines will also impact the open rate.

With that said, let’s quickly compare the reach of email marketing to organic social media. On average, 20% of your email list will view your email. 13.5% of your Instagram followers will see your Instagram post, and just 8.6% of your Facebook followers will see your post.

  • Email Marketing 20% 20%
  • Instagram 13.5% 13.5%
  • Facebook 8.6% 8.6%

Email marketing is starting to sound pretty good, huh?! Now, we can’t just say good-bye to social media, but let this be your sign to put more focus on email marketing in 2023.

You Own Your Email List

Email marketing has one very specific and important advantage over other digital marketing channels. That advantage is: You OWN your email list. When you send that email, it lands in your subscribers inbox. You’re not at the mercy of algorithms. You don’t have to constantly keep up with the latest trend that week to get noticed. On social media, that platform “owns” your audience and you’re at the mercy of their ever changing algorithms. With email marketing, that list of emails is your’s to use and engage with.

Social media platforms, while great for some things, aren’t always the most reliable way to get your message to your specific audience. And, god-forbid one of those platforms goes down when you’re supposed to be launching a campaign.

Segmenting Your Email List

Here’s where email marketing gets fun. Not only do you own your email list, but you can segment your list so that you send the right message to the right person at the right time. This means you can easily send one message to leads, one message to clients, and a different message to re-engage pass clients.¬†


This is only the beginning!

This is only the beginning of all the benefits of email marketing. If you want to know more or aren’t sure how to get started… you guessed... join our email list, and we will send you all the goods!

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