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Kickstart Collective provides a new kind of internship program. A small group of marketing students make up a portion of our agency and actually DO the work with some guidance from marketing professionals. No running to pick-up the “adults” coffee here. In fact, we’ll bring you the coffee at our regularly scheduled teaching (aka mentoring) sessions.

Due to COVID-19, our summer session is post-poned until further notice.

Apply for the Kickstart Collective Intern Program. Now accepting applications for our Fall 2020 Session.

Marketing Intern Program

Here’s How It Works

Each semester Kickstart Collective brings on a new group of marketing students and 2-3 new small business clients specifically for the Intern Program. From there, the students are given specific roles within the agency – think Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Strategist, Account Manager, etc.  Once a week the agency meets up for that week’s “marketing class” to learn the ends-and-outs of a specific topic or platform AND collaborates on the client projects. The students, guided by marketing professionals, will develop, create and execute the client’s marketing plans. 

Spring 2020 Session

Meet The Intern Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid internship?
Yes, Kickstart Collective interns are set up as contractors. We expect you to be serious about your work. You are creating marketing strategies and campaigns for real small businesses, and we know getting paid helps keep people motivated.

First-round students are paid a flat project rate for the semester. Additionally, this is a major resume builder! You are receiving serious marketing education at no cost.  You’ll learn the necessary marketing skills that you don’t learn (or at least not in-depth) in school. You will receive marketing templates and resources for future use. And, at this internship, we bring you the coffee!

Once you complete your first session, you are welcome to apply for a second session. Second session students will be set up with an hourly rate based on their performance and skill levels. Second round students will take on more of a leadership/strategy position.

The pay will vary from semester to semester based on the number of clients and projects.

What if I hate group projects?
Well then, you’re probably a good fit… only if you don’t like them because you feel like you always get stuck with slackers. This is an internship, not a group project, so slackers aren’t allowed – for real, they’ll be fired. 

Now if you don’t like group projects because you don’t like working with people, then I suggest finding a new career path. 🙂

When and where will we meet for the class time?
This will vary from semester to semester, but there will always be coffee. You can expect the class to last from 1-2 hours a week. A little teaching time, a little time to work on projects as a team.
What requirements and experience are needed to apply?
You don’t need any real-world experience yet. That’s what we’re here to provide and help get you ready for. As long as you are a Marketing or Communications major and have taken at least one class, you’re welcome to apply!
What kind of clients do we get to work with?
We’ll have new clients and projects each semester, but generally speaking, they will all be Wilmington-based small businesses.
How many hours am I expected to work?
The workload will vary from week to week and semester to semester. Expect to spend 1-2 hours a week in a classroom setting, and anywhere from 2-5 a week of client work. 

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