2022 is quickly coming to an end. Before the year is over, we want to reflect on some of the projects we’ve accomplished this year! Whether it was designing a website, creating a logo, or social media management, we worked with some incredible clients to accomplish their marketing goals. Here’s a 2022 project recap! 

Logo Design

Altra Fabrications is an aluminum fabrication and welding company based in Wilmington but with a mass of his clients located in the mountains. He wanted to target outdoor and adventure enthusiasts with his logo. We created a logo that matched his vision! The two ‘A’s imitate mountain peaks across the mountain range. Logos are often the first impression someone will have of your company, so having one that exemplifies your brand is essential! 

Social Media Campaign

Mess Hall is a quick service burger restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina. The restaurant wanted to attract customers for their last day open at their old location. To help gain traction for this event, we created a social media campaign. They were giving away ‘Free Burgers for Life’ to whoever received the burger wrapped in golden foil would be the lucky ‘Golden Ticket’ winner. Through a series of short videos and photos we displayed Willy Wonka at their restaurant ready to give away the golden ticket. The campaign was a huge success as the restaurant received a mass of social media attention and were extremely busy on golden ticket day! 


Our client, Ruff Draft, opened this year and was in need of a website, logo, branding, and social media marketing. Ruff Draft is a dog park bar in Wilmington. We designed their logo and website to attract new customers and help them understand the protocol for their first visit. Likewise, through social media, we increased brand awareness. Within the first few days of Ruff Draft’s opening, the social media page had gained hundreds of new followers. Ruff Draft has quickly become a Wilmington hotspot!

Team Milestones

It was a great year with many personal and professional milestones for our team. Laura and Luke welcomed their second child, Hazel, in June. Hazel is the cutest baby and always has great insight to add at our team meetings! Alyssa got married in August to her boyfriend of five years! The couple had a beautiful wedding in downtown Wilmington surrounded by family and friends. Allison joined the team in May. Allison was an intern with Kickstart Collective during college and rejoined to help with social media planning and copywriting. We’re excited to head into the New Year with such an incredible and talented team! 









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